Die casting production shop

KC founded in 2000, Die Casting Factory has more than 10 years of experience in die casting. 

Xiamen KC Metal Products Co., Ltd. has Lijin, Toyang, Toshiba brand 125T to 1600T various sizes of die casting machine a total of more than 20 sets! Professional manufacturing mold and production of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other die casting. With advanced machining center, CNC lathe, electric spark, wire cutting machine, grinding machine, lathe and other special equipment. Using CAD/CAM/CAE, die flow technology design and manufacture die casting, plastic mold and automobile industry for all kinds of fixture, check and so on. The company passed the quality management system certification in 2010. At present, our company produces a large number of LED aluminum radiator, automobile radiator, automobile accessories, sports fitness equipment accessories, stair joint accessories and sports fitness equipment parts and so on. Our company has a mold workshop independent to provide customers with design die opening, die casting workshop, polishing and grinding room, after the pipeline tapping drilling and burring, etc., and has 10 CNC lathes available for turning, in addition to three liquid paint baking lines and a powder paint baking room, can provide customers with one-stop service, save time and labor, shorten the production cycle and reduce the intermediate cost!! More can allow customers to enjoy real price concessions!