Silicone children's products

1. Non-toxic: Silicone children's products are made of non-toxic materials that are safe for children to use. 2. Easy to clean: Silicone is easy to clean and can be sterilized, making it perfect for children's products. 3. Durable: Silicone products are durable and can withstand rough handling by children. 4. Soft and flexible: Silicone is soft and flexible, making it comfortable for children to use. 5. Non-slip: Silicone products have a non-slip surface, reducing the risk of accidents. 6. Heat-resistant: Silicone is heat-resistant, making it safe to use with hot liquids and foods. 7. Versatile: Silicone can be molded into different shapes and sizes, making it ideal for a variety of children's products. 8. Colorful: Silicone products come in a range of colors, making them attractive to children. 9. Environmentally friendly: Silicone is a sustainable material that is better for the environment than other plastics. 10. Affordable: Silicone children's products are affordable and offer great value for money.

  • KC
  • 35days
  • 300K
  • OD=30MM
  • 5000pcs


Our silicone children's products are a must-have for parents who want the best for their kids. Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our products are safe and durable, ensuring that they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use.

Our silicone products are easy to clean and can be sterilized, making them perfect for use with babies and young children. The soft and flexible material ensures that our products are comfortable to use, while the non-slip surface reduces the risk of accidents.

Our silicone products are heat-resistant, making them safe for use with hot liquids and foods. They are also versatile, mouldable into different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for a range of children's products.

Our silicone products come in a range of attractive colors, making them visually appealing to children. They are also environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for parents who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Affordable and great value for money, our silicone children's products are the perfect choice for parents who want to give their kids the best. Whether you're looking for teething toys, baby bibs, or feeding sets, our range of silicone products has everything you need to keep your child happy and healthy.

Offers a larger handle that is also helpful for kiddies still developing fine motor skills. Ink designs are food grade too! Signature teal, pink, blue and other holiday themes/colors.

If you want the best of both worlds, try our economical Value Bundles and get a set of each!  Available for our Signature Skercle sets and a variety of holiday theme sets.

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