rubber production shop

   KC Rubber Factory was established in 2010. the main production equipment of the company has an advanced rubber mixing line, 2 sets of single rubber mixing machine, 2 sets of rubber cutting machine, plate vulcanizing machine 20 sets (250-500T), solid injection vulcanizing machine 3 sets (250&300T), liquid injection vulcanizing machine 3 sets (80&160T), mechanical edging machine 1 set, nitrogen frozen edging machine 1 set.

   Our main products are O - ring, U - ring, VR rubber washer, oil seal and other rubber products. Products meet the European Union RoHS and REACH specifications. Products are widely used in electronics, automobiles, machinery, hardware, sanitary ware, transportation, food, agriculture and other fields. The main customers are Geberi (sanitary ware), Jianlin (sanitary ware), Metzco (pipe fittings), Herbie (household appliances), ABB(power control) and so on.