Major breakthrough in magnesium alloy products


1.In 2017, the company received a project for a tablet computer with a magnesium alloy cladding process.because the magnesium alloy product is only 0.3 thickness, resulting in deformation and rupture after die casting. of magnesium alloy die casting techno and laptop shell die casting die design has carried on the detailed understanding and analysis 。design a set of laptop shell parts molding die casting mould,along with the continuous improvement of the casting process,magnesium alloy die casting techno is also constantly improving ,high quality die casting of high requirement of pouring system,design of gating system,the first by the area of the die casting to determine the area of the overflow order to improve the quality of the process of liquid metal filling ,should do the gases ing the cavity ,ordinary gatefilling prone to turbulent flow type,and quality is poor,the porosity and cold insulation defect too to solve these problems,the continuous conical double tangential pouring area expanded so that casting speed is reduced,so that even during the filling process,the casting of the porosity and less cold defects. on the basis of design optimization,the dynamic model of plate,using the mould boards ,and set the mold base plate,support plate and auxiliary structure completed the detailed design and then according to the actual production process to complete the assembly drawing,   After constantly changing die casting parameters and modifying the mold, the task was finally completed.

2.Magnesium alloy always has deformation problems in the process of plastic injection molding. Later, the two-color mold injection process was adopted to solve the deformation problem.