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  • Steel Stamping Oven Caster Products

    1. Made from high-quality steel material providing durable support for heavy ovens. 2. Precision stamping technology ensures high-quality and accuracy in the manufacturing process. 3. Caster wheels made of durable materials provide excellent traction, reducing the risk of slipping and ensuring stability during movement. 4. Weight capacity of up to 500 lbs making it strong enough to handle even the heaviest ovens. 5. Easy to install and maintain, reducing downtime and costs. 6. Suitable for various applications such as commercial kitchens, bakeries, and industrial ovens. 7. Compliant with industry standards and regulations for safety and performance. 8. Provides the perfect solution for moving heavy ovens with ease. 9. Excellent durability ensures long-lasting support for your oven. 10. Precision manufacturing provides a high-quality finish and aesthetic.